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Q: Has their been many manly quarrels? (c)(c)

It’s a 2woon thing…..and Heechul knows that, so does Wook….

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Super Junior Chuseok Message

Leeteuk: Chuseok Holidays!I hope it is more or less like Hangawi(another way to call Chuseok)!!ELF suni (fans)-ya, I love you!

Heechul: Eat a lot of delicious food  ♥ in Chuseok and gain weight ♥ fighting >w<

Kangin: Have a good chuseok~

Shindong: It`s Chuseok! nice holidays~golden holidays♥ I`ll pray that there aren`t any traffics♥Everyone,have a good,happy,healthy holidays

Sungmin: Sungmin:Our E.L.F,spend Chuseok well~eat a lot of delicious food and be healthy.♥ Have a chuseok full of happiness while listening to Mamacita

Eunhyuk: I think about you again in this year`s chuseok. I love you ♥

Donghae: Have an enjoyable, happy chuseok! I love you!

Siwon: Have a plentiful hangawi…♥

Ryeowook: Our ELF~ I love you a lot-oong~ Our honeys, ppo ppo~ I love you. Mm~chu! I love you E.L.F.

Kyuhyun: Have an enjoyable Chuseok ^__^

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@shfly3424: 한가위 .. 행복만 가득하길 .. ^^ http://t.co/z59gCTxHpW

@shfly3424: Hangawi*.. May you be happy and have plenty.. ^^ http://t.co/0VMhg3jq0l

*Tn: Hangawi is another way of saying Chuseok

Trans by @13elieveSG

So hot *_*