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All things yaoi. This blog is dedicated to explain WHY WonKyu and 2Woon is perfect yaoi love. While YeWonKyu is threesome.

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我也想去上海 … ㅜㅜ
I also want to go to Shanghai … ㅜㅜ

poor bbe T_T


Oh god I just imagined Siwon in his neck brace and all in bed, and Kyuhyun is at his side, and Siwon just looks at Kyu and in this scratchy voice is like “Kyuhyun… the magnets.. please.. i need them” 


Is he….looking for a fridge magnet?? o m g

Kyu’s p.o.v.:

They said, the two of us, were never going be together. It was as if, we were liars… they never accepted us. They even took you away from me. Our love, our faith and our promises, have broken away. The colours around me seem to fade away. All that is left are the memories that we made. I see you sitting beside me; why would this never be true? The world has left me in loneliness. I am lost without you, Siwon.

Siwon’s p.o.v.:

Whenever I am alone, I can feel your presence; slowly creeping in, standing beside me, you give me strength. In this mad world where whom I choose to love, doesn’t make any sense… all I have is my thoughts about you, guiding me, keeping me sane. I know you’re thinking about me, as I am thinking about you too. I can’t see your face nor hear your voice… but I can feel you, it’s my choice; Even if this means I can’t be beside you, I’m happy since I know you’re happy too, Kyuhyun.

~1013 Happy WonKyu Day~

(gifs are made by me)

Kyu slowly places his hands on Wonnie’s shoulder, opens up caressing him, tries to straighten him and then moves him in a circular motion….awwwww



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